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I work in the field of village,tribal  rugs from all parts of Persia Since 1995.working with great dealers from Europe and America has improved my tast in these years and caused me to follow the work professionally like a small helping in reserches on the writing of the book CHAHAR MAHAL VA BAKHTIARI by Mr J.P Willborg from Stockholm on oct/02

Doing research on the different villages of Bakhtiar together with him,I gained a lot of useful information about villages and carpets woven in each.


In case you are interested,I could send you some images so that you get a better idea of my work and also compare the offered prices with others.or should you be interested in any specific type,Please inform me and I will provide you with what ever images available.

I also have a small collection of Afshar sofreh.and some small colectibele pieces.I had done a reserch about Mazandaran kilim tha had published in Jozan and rugrabbit as well.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely Yours,

Manouchehr Haghighat

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I have others will add too.I have some fragments too.Also Turkmen  jewlery and old silvers pluse a huge numbers of diffrent old books mainly in persian and Europian languages,as well,can send images on requests.
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Manouchehr Haghighat 

Lor of Behbahan rug ,195X130 cm,more than 100 years old.SOLD

Bakhtiar i rug,fine condition,Size:202X157 Cm,village:ben,about 85 years old 

qashqai kilim,about 90 years old,fine condition,not washed 

Bakhtiar rug,Village:Deh Cheshmeh,fine condition,about 85-90 years old 

Kia Sar Kilim type,382X263 cm,19th century,fine condition.

Now a days my major field is doing reserch on Mazandaran kilims and concentraining on selling profetional pieces (Kilims,jajims,...)of these area sience are came in market recently and would be interesting for experts,I send variouse images on requests,and will be happy to share my reserches with all friends 

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