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Sofrehs of Persia,Types and places of origin

In Persia there are 3 ways of usage for Sofrehs
Ardi (means "for flour") or bread sofreh, a rather small and square cloth, approximately 1x1 Sq. m, which spread under the tray of dough, while making to prevent scattering flour on the floor.
It has also another use, preserving bread.

When bread is baked, they put it in pages and close it like a bundle, to prevent drying and scattering on the earth. Thus, Ardi Sofreh is called also as "Nan Sofreh" (bread cloth).It is applied by tribes and villagers
Sofreh of tribes and villagers is woolen and woven as kilim. Its appearance (except for its image) caused it to be called usually "kilim", while kilim and sofreh are different and sometimes antithetic

Knowing the fact, that villagers and tribesmen eat their lunch, sitting on the floor. They spread sofreh in eating time and another sofreh for preserving bread. It is not known why no hand woven sofreh remained, specially when we consider that Turkmen, Lor of Lorestan, Khamseh of Fars, Qashqai and Kurd of West Iran, … all have skill in weaving.
Also we have sofrehs size about 150x150 cm,I mean big ones that were used for decorating of korsies(hitter),they are called Ru Korsies.they usually are nicer than 2 past types,with happy colores and strange patterns.
This Sofreh or better Rukorsi Size was used as a Nano or baby bed.the bands in 4 corners is showing  way of usage.

The most important sofrehs, woven by tribes residing in Iran are:SHOOSHTAR(IN KHUSESTAN PROVINCE)

 Baluch sofreh


There are many sofrehs remained from Lor of Bakhtiari. Those are Ardi, having square dimension, with the same similarity to their salt containers.
All of those sofrehs have a simple combination. Ground of sofreh is divided into two or more sections and in each section uniform and repetitive lozenge images are woven.

Ground is of cotton yarn and its weaving type is kilim weaving double interlocks.

No dining sofreh was seen in this group, one may guess that some of their woven called "Shushtari", or their plain floored kilims might be used as sofre
See Sampel here:

 This is not a runner but a guest Sofreh from Shushtar.they are one paires I have.          

Magic of persia,Kia sar kilim,3 panels,357X213 cm,circa:1900,fine condition,till couldn't see detail images will not underestand why I called them Magic of persia,in any country or region never saw similar

Rare type of Hezar Jerib kilim,4 panels,235X185 Cm,90-100 years old,fine condition 

Mazandaran 2 side pattern kilim(Lahaf),85 years old,fine condition,423X194 Cm 

 gashgai gabbeh,190 X150 Cm,fine condition

 Khersak bakhtiari,village boldaji,fine condition,about 70_80 years old,220X154 Cm

Manouchehr Haghighat Supplier of hand-woven Persian Rugs , Gabbehs, Kilims, Taches, Sofrehs, Saltbags, Khordjins Restoration facilities with hand-spun and naturally dyed wool on premises. I have a small collection of Afshari sofreh and also some collectible pieces. I produces some double face Gabbehs ,also qashqai gabbeh about 50-60 years old by modern patterns is availabele too. I have a small colection of Turkmen jewlery and old silver jewlery and rings. I will try to answer any question you may have about Persian tribes, villages, the history of ancient Persia, ancient places in Persia and customs. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Also I wish arrange tours through an agency for those who love Persian history, culture and ancient places. I read many books about ancient Persian history and love it. You know that the first persone spoken about human rights he was an Iranian (Cyrous the Great). Please feel free to email me. or call:0098 912 1042321 mobile,0098 21 55627842 shop tel. Our prices sience we bought pieces from area are resonabele. Reserches about Hezar Jarib and kia Sar plus Khalil mahalleh kilims in a 4 days Trip to Mazandaran province, BY:MANOUCHEHR HAGHIGHAT(Haghighat Nomads)

please see a completyed at:

you  can also read fine version of my research about Mazandaran new types of kilims found in the market which I called "Magic of Persia". on:

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 Manouchehr Haghighat


qashqai 19th century band,485x7 cm 

qashqaee Tribes Band, With some animals is field,,Size:6.60x5.5 you see it's original wood too.

An Afshar i sofreh type,about 145X145 cm ,fine condition

 Old isfahan,Qalam kar textile,Size:266 x 213 Cm,fine condition,Back is Marked by an old isfahan factories named:ATASHI

 gashgai gabbeh,254X142 cm,fine condition

 Gashgai torki gabbeh poshti,87X75 Cm,about 30-40 years old

Bakhtiar i gabbeh possibly from Paradonbeh village,103 years old by date,246X150 Cm,some small repiles,See Bakhtiar book written by Mr JP Willborg

4Meshad area(MOUD) fragment,85X75 Xm,90 years old,good pile

4 panels thin moj,65-70 years old,186x130 cm,fine condition 

3 panels kilim,352 X 210 cm,fine condition 

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