Baskets and places of origin

we have same problem in bakhtiari tribes too in tecknique.all khorjins and khersaks or gabbehs produced in same tecknique without less is when in producing rugs each village had it's own way that make us abit easyer to find out a rug is from witch village.

but to guess place of origin of a gabbeh for example just by type of coloring or may some thing we can see in pattern look like as what it is in same place rugs.So there is no logical reason you see.You can read more about this in Bakhtiar Book written by Mr peter willborg from Stockholm.

in baskets we have same way since the tecknique is simple in all groups.but from type of coloring shushtar,jaff kords and lak type of lores plus qashqaies are simpler some times to underestand.others can be from bakhtiar or lor s of boyer ahmad o kohkiloyeh look like each other very much.

the way of use of the basket depends on what the person wants to use it for: sewing, beauty aids, eggs, etc

all tribes that produced baskets,in their movments to khozestan used bamboes that grow up there near rivers.


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