Picture Gallery

We can see Modern Paterns in Iranian old hand mades as well,they found a good reason to be in Market in these days 


Qashqai Gabbeh,164 X 120 Cm,fine condition 

Qashqai Gabbeh,206 X 110 Cm,fine condition 

 Kilim Mazandaran,good tecknique,414X223 Cm

Kashan or Yazd Simpele red colore pattern Carpet,fine condition and good pile,395x290Cm. 

Gabbeh Torki,Shiraz,Size:170X110 Cm,Fine condition,20th century 

A Young 2 sides Zar o nim Gabbeh LORI 

Afshar Tribe sofreh,110X120 Cm,Fine Condition,about 75 years old 

Afshar I Sofreh,Size:117x102 Cm,Fine condition,70 years old 

 Afshar i big Sofreh(Rukorsi),Size:147X142 Cm,65 years old,Fine condition

 Afshar i Simpele Pattern Sofreh,with a nice colores in field and border,Size:127X130 Cm,first of 20th century

Afshr Sofreh,117X124 Cm,about 80 years old 

Afshar i sofreh,frings wool,Village Jamal Barez ,Size:130X130 Cm,fine condition

Sofreh Sirjan(YA ALI),116X118 cm,fine condition 

Afshar wool frings sofreh,fine condition,136X134 Cm,thick like a woolen kamoo sofreh 

Bakhtiar i Sofreh,114X100 Cm,Fine condition 

Mzandaran Hezar jerib (Khalil mahalleh ) kilim,fine condition,Size: 400X206 cm 

Mazandaran Camel field Jajim,about 90 years old,fine condition,Size:260X130 cm,(it can be used as a Shawl may be) 

 a rare Mazandaran women woolen,shawel,about 20th century,fine condition,when you open it size is:275 x 130 cm,

A 2 panels black and white soft sheep wool,80 years old,Village:Orost ,fine condition

 Amogli modern pattern rug(Meshad),235X145 Cm,80 Years old,Fine condition,I washed it by hand,you see the original Sign of Amogli on it 

I think the Black colore can be rare in this type

2 panels qashqai pelas,fine condition,not washed,205x145 Cm,about 75 years old 

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