Baluch bag,2 face with some silk,about 90 years old,fine condition,Size:41x32 Cm 

Antique Jaff Saltbag,fine condition,about 90 years old,49X35 Cm 

Shahsavan of Save Saltbag,fine condition,about 70 years old,Size:62X37 

 Ghashghai Tubre,Shekarlu tribes about 65 years old,Size:32x35 cm

Afshari spoon bag,42X36 cm,75-80 years old,not washed 

 Ghashghaee Tubre Kashkuli tribes,healthy,not washed ,80 years old Size:34 x 38 cm

  Bakhtiari band,about 100 years old,very rare pattern,size:970X7 cm

Turkmen jual,dusty,now I wash it so beautiful,about 110X90 cm,19th century 

 Lori bag,Size:45X36,85 years old,no repair and wash,good colores

 Jual Turkmen,size:42X81 Cm,about 100 years old ,may be Ersari

Bakhtiari Tacheh,about 90-100  years old 

LOR i Of Bakhtiar i Tacheh,about 65 years old,fine condition 

Lor of Baseri or Nafar Tacheh,about 100 years old 

BLUE field tacheh,about 80 years old 

Lor i Tacheh, big carpet,fine condition,Size:114X98 cm

Tiny kashkuli chanteh,23x18 cm,about 90-100 years old,fine condition 

Bakhtiar i woolen Gabbeh 

 Sadeghlu of kashkuli part of Qashqaee tribes gabbeh, About 80 years old,not washed,Fine condition ,wool frings

Afshar i Sofreh(4 bands in corners shows that it was a babyes bed moving NANO) 145X145 cm,fine condition,20th century 

Shahsavan Mafrash Panel,Morvarid baf,130X48 Cm,about 90 years old 

A good Afshar i Sofreh,121X129 Cm,about 80-90 years old 

Afshar sofreh with baff pattern and abrash field,104X116 Cm,both after a wash would look very nicer 

K ordish Jajim with Ladders,dolles and goats in pattern,Fine condition,80-90 years old,116X160 Cm

Baluch Sumac Band,62X9 Cm,about 90 years old 

A baff pattern Afshar i sofreh,not washed 

Lor of bakhtiar or Baseri prayer kilim,75-80 years old,fine condition,100X50 Cm 

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