Name of iran had been tooken from a group of peopele who were called ARIAN.In holy Avesta first it is called ARIANUVEDJE HU than means  Land of brave  Arian.


Name Of PERSIA that western peopele Call insted Iran had been tooken from Pars group.(a group of Arian)In  the year 550 B.C Cyrus the Great established The Persian Empire based on humanitarianism,justic,freedom,and Liberty after uniting diffrent peopele(firstly Mads that his mather were from them) and nations  .

This is me at Pasargad 

One day I went to Pasargad on normal days that peopele were on their jobs,and there were few ones there,we asked the kind guard man to take an image from inside ,He just let me to take image since I had a Faravahar Neckleck.I put out my showes and very carefully claim up each stair that is more than one meter high.

Seems I am the only one permited go inside of crave of Great Empire and took images,Look at Arabian Art.instead of Empires Sentences 

ACHAEMENIAN    (550-330  B.C)


The famous men of this dynasty:


Cyrus The Great,Cambyses,Darioush The Great(first person who started bulding of Persepolis then orther king go on his way,Also He ordered the digging of a canal  to connect the Red Sea and the Mediterranean),Xerxes(in his time becuase of being too brave ,about 300 of his soldjers and done a great work in a war with western mans, to be proud and as a memory of those soldjers for the first time He put out the sign of Eagle and put Sign of a Lion on Persian Flag and after centuries aga mohammad khan Qajar put a swear in lions hand)Ardeshir The First,and Darioush The third.


Memorable and most importand works of this period:

1.The uniting of the aryan people and the imperial foundation of Iran

2.The Spread of Imperial Iran from The sind Vally to the Nile.

3.The conquest of Babel,The coronation of Cyrus The Great,the promulgation of the declaration of the UNIVERSAL  RIGHTS TO MANKIND AND FREEDOM OF NATIONS

4.The establishment of peace and underestanding among the varios Tribes.

5.Spread of knowledge and Culture.

6.Freedom of religous bliefs.

7.The foundation of a civil organization and the establishment of an orderly administrative and financial institution.

8.Forming of an orderly   army and the Creation of the Immortals. 

9.The establishment of cities and great buildings.

10.The construction of roads and a royal courier system.

11.The digging of a canal to connect the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

The Hadish Palace, Xerxes period,PERSEPOLISE

This Ston is a big reason that Iranian woman payed attention to Hejab(Covering her body 1000 years before Islam apperence) 

 This Stone is in Pasargad city,Palace of Cyrus The Great,Look at feet,They mentioned that we are the master of all seas and grounds

You may think this ston damaged for duration of years,but no,Workers couldn't finish it becuase of Alexanders attack 

View of Persepolise 

All images tooken by :Manouchehr Haghighat 

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